Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 11 Reading assignments

Folks, here are the reading assignments we made for the readings next week.

Everyone read Reynolds as it came first. :-)

Bri, Emily, Hanjun, Meagan – Mann (2nd in timeline)
Mark, Beth, Qu, Sensen – Wickenden (3rd in timeline)
Tommy, Noah, Marisol, Roy – Grinter (4th in timeline)
Jing, Preeti, Junaid – Goals (5th in timeline)

Those reading Mann should read (Intro) pages 231-233 (background and Committee info), pg 240-245 (overview of aims/curriculum), pg 268 – 274 (Section VII type of instruction), Part II problems of education pg 276 – 312, solutions of education 314 - 340).

Readings are now posted in Blackboard.
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