Friday, October 30, 2009

Class Observation Reflection

Date: Oct 28, Wednesday, 7:30AM- 9:20AM
Class: ENG 195
Instructor: Dr. Senay Purzer

About the class topic

The topic was sustainability. This was the subject that I did not expect in the first-year engineering class. I thought the concept of sustainability was most valued by environmental engineers. And I took 2 undergraduate and 1 graduate curriculum ralated to sustainability. Compared to the courses that I took, ENG 195 provided the basic concepts and outlines of sustainability without digging deeper. Maybe it is enough for freshmen. However, from my personal perspective, I hope those future engineers know more about sustainability and care about the earth-our only home.


Almost half of the class time was used as teamwork time. And I noticed that some mixed-gender group had some off-task conversation. I was wondering whether ENG 195 offered lecture about communication skill during group decision making. It would be great if the lecture was offered.

BTW: I learned a new word "zen" in the class. :)
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