Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts and Comments on epistemology and education (Noddings 5-7)

When reading Noddings and other comments on epistemology here, I sort of pondered on this question: How does epistemology relate to Engineering education? I like Noah's comments about the lack of classwork in education or training course in teaching practice in disciplines outside of education (herein specific, the discipline of engineering). I think A decent level of training or background knowledge in epistemology would certainly affect the practice of teaching in engineering.

For professors, understanding about some basic questions in epistemology could influence the teaching of engineering. Say, the definition of true knowledge.Is the knowledge that professors are teaching in class true knowledge or not? How true it is and under what domain or within what kind of limitation it will stay true? This is a basic question in epistemology. A professor in his teaching would potentially omit some premises or biases without a clear understanding or awareness of his own view in epistemology.