Thursday, December 10, 2009

Follow-up on Jamieson-Lohmann report

In class today, it seemed as though most people agreed that we should submit the feedback that you generated in class last week. Bri volunteered to champion the writing to submission, and Beth and Junaid agreed to help if we could do this in January. Most people agreed they could help if we did it in January, rather than yet this semester.

It also seemed there was agreement (I hope I read this correctly) in submitting the feedback both online and to Dean Jamieson directly, with perhaps a cover letter prefacing the feedback.

Things to do include
  • put together an email list yet this semester
  • drafting a cover letter
  • revising the material written last week to be consistent in format and voice, no bullets etc.
  • getting everyone's feedback, if it's going to come from the class
  • actually submitting the final version. (W00T!)
Robin and I want to offer our availability to look at a draft, but we don't want to block the process, and offer it only if you collectively want our critical eye.  We're also fine if you'd like to just shepherd this through on y'alls own.  We would like a copy of this when you're all done just so we can bask in your amazingness. :-D

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