Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Extending Time for "Basic Engineering Education" (Bachelors + Masters)

In the last week readings Goals Committee (1968) tried to predict the future in terms of how technology will progress and consequently what will be the needs for engineers in the next 10-20 years. They noted that there is an increasing demand of students with graduate education in the industry where undergraduate education is not considered sufficient. The one major recommendation they had is to extend basic engineering education to include at least one year of graduate studies leading to master’s degree. Their recommendation could not be materialized in form but I think we know that what they were saying is right and masters has increasingly become important for an engineering career in industry.

The academics from the science disciplines it seems have come up with a neater idea. They have what they call as professional science masters [link]. This type of masters program has also gained some good ground across the universities [link]. The program integrates business and industry oriented courses with technical courses. I was wondering why such an idea has not been tried with engineering? I think this will be a more attractive option for engineering graduates who are interested in working in the industry.
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