Thursday, October 8, 2009

what makes a profession?

OK - I forgot to share this today - so I'm sticking it here. Below is a characterization of what makes a profession (by Gardner and Shulman, 2005). How does it relate to the discussion today? How is it useful for our questions? Oh, and by the way - it was developed by looking at professions broadly (teaching, medicine, law, etc.).
  • A commitment to serve in the interest of clients in particular and the welfare of society in general
  • A body of theory or special knowlege with its own principles of growth and reorganization
  • A specialized set of professional skills, practices, and performances unique to the profession
  • The developed capacity to render judgments with integrity under conditions of both technical and ethical uncertainty
  • An organized approach to learning from experience both individually and collectively, and thus, of growing new knowledge from the context of practice
  • The development of a professional community responsible for the oversight and monitoring of quality in both practice and professional education
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