Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review of literature for synthesis paper

Hi all- I was looking through my notes on the literature and our class discussions; I found some interesting thoughts that I'd like to share.

After reading Layton-Why do other people seem surprised and impressed when I tell them I am in the engineering field?  Does anyone else experience this?  Is it because I am female and white?  Why do people view engineering with such prestige?

Is there a public figure for engineering?  Is this why there is uncertainty among children of what engineering is? 

After reading Gieryn-Boundary work, it is a tool for thinking.  Does it help explain my role in this thing called engineering education?  Does it enable change?

Seely-Is there a good balance between shop culture and school culture?  How do we balance this in engineering labs?

Everyone is NOT an engineer. 
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