Friday, September 18, 2009

Questions about Women's ways of knowing

Compared to Bloom's taxonomy, women's perspectives seem pretty much the same as it, except for the silence part. And I really doubt if the "silence" part is necessary. Let's see what the sample is. "These were women of little education, frequently victims of abuse past and/or present, living in difficult apparently dead-end circumstances." This group of women do not reprsent all the women.

Also it seems that the "evaluation" part is missing from women's ways of knowing.That is strange. "Constructed knowledge" looks more like a high level of synthesis to me.

Anyway, I think women's ways of knowing is questionable.


Robin said...

Yes - the group in Women's Ways of Knowing do not represent all women, just as the people in studies for Bloom and Perry do not represent all people. We might say that their goal was NOT to represent all women but rather to represent a class of women that reveal an important aspect of intellectual development that has not been well considered. This fits within this class because it is an example of pushing on a set of ideas to understand their broader consequences (e.g., not being inclusive).

You might say that your reaction to WWK is exactly the reaction that prompted the study :)