Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Philosophy of education in society

When we look through the philosophers from Plato/Socrates to Dewey, their ideas are all basically determined by their society and background. On the one hand, their visions are limited by the situations of the societies. Plato cannot talk about how to facilitate education using internet or multimedia. On the other hand, their ideas must be suitable and helpful to their societies. For example, the responsibility of taking care of the family and the children is not solely women’s task in today’s society. Then the education of women which is advocated to be equal to men’s becomes prevalent. Women can contribute as much as men do. Why do not let them contribute?

At the same time, the philosophy of education can affect the format and principles of education a lot. Dewey’s theories performed very important roles in constructing American education. No one can imagine how American education would be if there was another Dewey who favored another way of education which is also suitable to the society.

If someday our world is like the one in Wall-E: super developed, organized, and programmed. How should the education be?